For most of us, not all, (but I’m sure it will need to be programmed in for the future) the Sat Nav was set for Macclesfield. Again, a multitude of events over 3 weekends, 11 sessions. We competed in 94 Finals/Top 8 placings and again many PB’s and Regional qualification times were achieved. 

This has been a difficult and transitional year for Wirral Metro and at the start of the season some very difficult decisions had to be taken. The Committee and Coaching Team are so proud of EVERYONE who competed at the championships, our achievements are as follows 


Annabelle Rogan BRONZE 1500m Freestyle, 8TH 400m Freestyle, 4TH 800m Freestyle, 6TH 100m Freestyle, 7TH 200m IM, 6TH 200m Freestyle 

Tash McDonnell SILVER 1500m Freestyle, BRONZE 50m Butterfly, BRONZE 400m Freestyle, BRONZE 800m Freestyle, GOLD 100m Butterfly, GOLD 200m Butterfly, 8TH 100m Freestyle, 5th 200m IM, 5TH 200m Freestyle, BRONZE 400m IM, 6TH 50m Freestyle. 

Megan Pendleton GOLD 1500m Freestyle, Silver 400m Freestyle, SILVER 800m Freestyle, BRONZE 200m Backstroke, 7TH 200m Butterfly, 7TH 100m Freestyle, SILVER 200m Freestyle, 5TH 400IM 

Gia Hothersall BRONZE 1500m Freestyle, 4TH 400m Freestyle, BRONZE 100m Backstroke, 4TH 800m Freestyle, SILVER 200m Backstroke. 6TH 100m Butterfly, BRONZE 200m Butterfly, 6TH 100m Freestyle, 4TH 200m Freestyle, 6TH 50m Backstroke, 4TH 400IM 

Freddy Ball SILVER 100m Backstroke, SILVER 200m Backstroke, SILVER 50m Butterfly, SILVER 50m Backstroke, GOLD 50m Freestyle, GOLD 50m Breaststroke, SILVER 200m Freestyle, SILVER 100m Butterfly, SILVER 100m Breaststroke, SILVER 200m IM,GOLD 200m Butterfly, SILVER 200m Backstroke, SILVER 100m FREESTYLE, SILVER 100m IM 

Luke Kavanagh 8TH 100m Backstroke, 7TH 400m Freestyle, 4TH 200m Freestyle, 4TH 200m Backstroke, 4TH 100m Freestyle 

Lily Horton 5TH 50m Butterfly, BRONZE 50m Breaststroke, SILVER 100m IM, GOLD 200m Backstroke, SILVER 100m Freestyle, SILVER 100m Breaststroke, SILVER 200m Butterfly, BRONZE 200m Breaststroke, BRONZE 200m IM, 8TH 200m Freestyle, 7TH 50m Backstroke, 4TH 400IM 

Reagan Young BRONZE 200m Backstroke, BRONZE 50m Breaststroke, BRONZE 100m Breaststroke BRONZE 200m IM, 4TH 100m IM. 

Sophia Woof 6TH 50m Breaststroke, 8TH 100m Breaststroke, 

Christopher Jamieson 4TH 400m Freestyle, 5TH 200m Freestyle, 6TH 100m Butterfly, 4TH 800m Freestyle, SILVER 200m IM, BRONZE 100m Freestyle, BRONZE 100m IM 

Petra Varga BRONZE 100m Breaststroke, SILVER 200m Breaststroke, 8TH 200m IM 

Millie McKeown 8TH 200m Butterfly, 8TH 200m Breaststroke 

Emily French 5TH 200m Butterfly 

Izzy Taylor 8TH 200m Butterfly, 8TH 200m Breaststroke. 


Freddy Ball 2ND Place BOYS 10/11 Age Group 

Daniel French 4TH Place BOYS 10/11 Age Group 

Annabelle Rogan 8TH Place GIRLS 13 Age Group 

Lily Horton 7TH Place GIRLS 14 Age Group 

Megan Pendleton 4TH Place GIRLS 16 Age Group 

Tash McDonnell 5TH Place GIRLS 16 Age Group 

Gia Hothersall 6TH Place GIRLS 16 Age Group 


Tash McDonnell (Sheila Wright Rosebowl) Fastest Junior 100m Butterfly, also 2ND Fastest Senior. (Neil Booth Cup) Fastest Junior 200m Butterfly, also 2ND Fastest Senior. 

Gia Hothersall 3RD Fastest Junior 200m Butterfly, 2nd Fastest Junior 200m Backstroke 

Megan Pendleton 3RD Fastest Junior 400m Freestyle 

Lily Horton 3RD Fastest Junior 200m Backstroke 

A massive mention to the Wirral Metro Academy Swimmers some who competed with their Home Clubs. Vivien Wilkinson, Katie Lockwood and Daniel French (All swam for Hoylake SC). Also, Sophia Woof who swam for Wirral Metro (See Above). All these athletes attained Top 8 placings and reached finals, Vivien and Daniel also came away with medals, Well done to you all. Next year, hopefully, more academy swimmers will qualify for Counties in many, many events. 

Vivien Wilkinson BRONZE 200m Breaststroke. 

Katie Lockwood 8TH 100m Freestyle 

Daniel French 4TH 100m Backstroke, GOLD 200m Breaststroke, GOLD 100m Breaststroke. 

I’ve been informed by a reliable source that the overall club points for the Wallace Aggregate and Hugh Laughland trophies will be released next week. So, we’ll look forward to those being posted. 

People to thank, Parents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles and Share Lifts which I’m sure there were a few. If it wasn’t for all of you, our swimmers wouldn’t have achieved what they achieved. All our officials, I believe as a Club over the Weekends we had best. If it wasn’t for you Guys and Gals these Galas would not run. Thank you to all of you 

Team Managers, Laura and Cath, making poolside such a calm environment. 

Finally, the swimmers, thank you so much. Having fun is part of Cheshire’s, but equally knuckling down to some quality swimming is another. We are not robots who can turn it on every time we swim, but the effort and determination shown by you all was satisfying to see, some swims were breathtaking. Transferring skills from the training pool to the competition pool is what all coaches want to see, and certainly that was in abundance. One more thing to mention, behaviour. We are so proud of you all, you are all a credit to your parents, not one issue over 3 weekends. Good manners and behaviour never go out of fashion. Wirral Metro salutes you all. 

So, another Counties over, some of us looking forward to Regionals and Nationals. For everyone else let’s look to getting County Times early this year. 

See you at the pool 

The Coaching Team 

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