The Manchester open was a great success for the age group swimmers, with huge pb’s, experience gained and a chance to rest our skills against some of the best in the country with the concluding two weekends of regionals approaching. Hannah Pettener dropped 9 seconds in the 400free swimming 4.47.39, she drops 4 seconds in the 200im (2.33.48) and further 3 in the 100fly (1.09.69)  as well as swimming her first 400im long course.  Millie Gidman swam the 400free and 200fly for the first time long course and matched her short course time in 4.50.35 and 2.35.50, very positive swims looking ahead to regionals.  Seb Swinburne had a blistering 50bk in 32.67.  Emily Brown had a busy schedule and swam a best time in the 50/100fly in 30.84 and 1.09.36. Freya Bainbridge swam to 4 new best times and gained valuable experience racing long course.  Lee Harrison swam 2 new best times in 50bk and 100free, his teammate Billy Jardine swam an outstanding 200im in 2.40.69 and just missed two barriers in the 50 and 400free swimming 30.0 and 5.00.0 respectively. Ethan Robinson swam his first long course meet and swam to 2.23 200free and 1.18 for the 100fly. Fantastic swims by all and great preparation for the next two weekends of racing.  Tori Sopp, Elliot Pickford, Nathan Young, Georgia Hytner, Grace Gidman, Caitlin Bradford and Louis Harwood all raced tough and unrested with the eye on the summer competitions and upcoming regional champs.

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