SENW Summer Championships 2018

26 – 27th May 2018


The Northwest Summer Championships will take place on


28th/29th April 2018 at Manchester Aquatic Centre
19th/20th May 2018 at Liverpool Aquatic Centre
26th/27th May 2018 at Manchester Aquatic Centre

Consideration Times for 2018 Swim England North West Summer championships together with the Para Swimmer Consideration Times

Following recent queries regarding the consideration times the Event Management Group have

 made the following statement

“Times are calculated using a formula based upon actual heat results from 2017.  The use of such objective criteria often leads to what appear to be anomalies. To have an older age group swimmer with a slower time than a younger age group is not unusual.”

Entry Conditions

Reverse Boys 800m Free and Girls 1500m Free Conditions

Para-Swimmer Entry Conditions

Draft Programme of Events

Entry paperwork

Programme of events