Wirral Metro backs Swim England’s #OpenOurPools campaign which has been created in a bid to get pools to reopen and there is a petition for people to sign if they feel swimming pools should be made available. It has now been more than 100 days without swimming and members have been desperate to get back in the pool and start doing lengths again. Boris Johnson announced another relaxation in the lockdown regulations last week and many thought gyms and swimming pools may reopen. But, while much of the hospitality sector such as pubs, hotels, restaurants and B&Bs were told they could reopen, leisure centres, gyms and swimming pools were told they must remain shut. At the start of the pandemic, some reports suggested swimming pools were safe because chlorine levels saw off any danger of Covid-19 but the issue of changing areas and social distancing also needed to be considered. No fixed date has been given for the reopening of swimming pools but Swim England can provide guidance and it and pool operators can prove to the Government they have plans in place which could see pools reopened safely. In its introduction to the petition Swim England points out the activity was enjoyed by millions every year across the country and had been proven to be hugely beneficial for both physical and mental wellbeing. “Swimming pools are hubs of physical activity in communities up and down the country, particularly for many people who may struggle to be active on land due to a range of health conditions. “We, the undersigned, call on the Prime Minister to urgently review the decision not to allow swimming pools to reopen and to announce a date when pools may open again without delay.” Click here to sign the petition.

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