Wirral Metro Swimming Club Trial Days

Looking to give your child the greatest opportunity in swimming?

Plateaued and not improving….it’s time for a change!

Wirral Metro Trial Days Dates:

Saturday 10th, 17th & 24th Feb at Europa Pools, Birkenhead 10.15 – 11:00

Above Wirral Metro swimmer Tori Sopp winning the ‘B’ final at Commonwealth Trials.

Juniors (Age 8-10): Ideally have a basic understanding of all 4 strokes and finished the learn to swim scheme.

Age Groupers (11 – 14yrs): County standard minimum is preferred but not essential depending on skill level/age and willingness to commit.

Youth (15+): Swimmer should show the potential to achieve regional standard and above

Wirral Metro currently runs 5 squads and caters for all swimmers looking to excel in performance swimming. If this is something you might be interested in then please email info@wirralmetro.co.uk to book your place for trial or enquire about information.


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